Reinventing the food supply chain, for the better

We are on a journey to revolutionize the relationships between food suppliers and buyers

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Achieve carbon neutrality in food transportation

Urban transportation is responsible for 25% of pollution in cities. We want to bring it to 0% to make our cities breath again

With Innovative transportation

We combine low emission modes of transportation to achieve deliveries 10 times less polluting

And network optimisation

We leveraged unused transportation capacities to reduce global traffic, thanks to a wide network of logistics partners

While increasing productivity

While we try to reduce GES emissions, we don't forget the essentials, even bettering the standard

Cost efficient

Mutualisation is at the core of our strategy, bringing you better cost, by making less kilometers


Faster than the standard

Mutualisation and light urban transportation lets us be way faster than current third party logistics players


Increased traceability

We apply cutting edge technology to bring you data and traceability


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